Getting to know me

Year of Joy

27 August 1984

At approximately 09:10 on a rainy Monday morning a raven-haired baby girl with chocolate-brown eyes entered the world.

She turned into a shy (towards strangers) little girl who loved books, Barbies and bonding with friends and family members. She loved to play school with her dolls and teaching them the ways of the world.

Fast forward 36 years and I am still shy towards strangers but at times can have verbal diarrhea with those closest to me. I still love reading and I have been teaching for 10 years.

These days I spend my time thinking up fun activities for my class, making apparatus and necessities for work and working on new blog posts and social media content.

In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my amazing husband, fun-loving sisters, awesome friends and our 3 beautiful cats.

This year I am especially excited to celebrate my birthday because I feel like I have done a lot of work on myself, this past year especially. I’m planning on living this next year of life to the max and doing only things that bring me joy.

To 36! May it bring me as much joy as 30 did!

Getting to know me

What do we do for fun? We bake!

I have always had a special relationship with baked goods and cakes. My first memory of a birthday cake, was a clown with NikNaks hair and I think that was where the love began.

My serious interest in baking started shortly after I started working in 2010. At first, I kept it easy with just normal chocolate cakes and cupcakes. Thereafter, I became more adventurous with chocolate ganache, fondant and edible glitter. Turns out the glitter isn’t edible after all, who knew? 🤷🏻‍♀️

At the time my baking was centered around my immediate family’s birthdays, Pinterest and real-life inspirations. One of these inspirations is my aunt, who is like a sister to me and who is a prolific baker in her own right.

I absolutely love to bake cupcakes. It is therapeutic for me to ice each one and if I want to practice piping – im horrendous at it; it is the best way to do it. You might disagree. My mom reckons they are too much work. Why bake 24 small ones and ice each one individually if you can just bake one big one?

I especially enjoyed baking cakes or cupcakes for my sisters’ birthdays. As my confidence grew, their ideas and expectations became more wild and I always did my best to live up to it!

Baking will always be one of my favourite things to do to relax and my husband and I enjoy baking together now. We sometimes have very strong, differing opinions of how things should be done, but that is how we learn.

Please let me know if you also enjoy baking or cooking. If not, please let me know what a favourite, therapeutic hobby is for you.

Getting to know me

You carry my heart.

“Love is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.”

These words are what Nathan is to me. He is a selfless, passionate man and will go to the ends of the Earth for me and his family. His name meaning couldn’t be any more appropriate for the person that he is.

“From the Hebrew name Natan, meaning “he gave”.

Urban Dictionary: “One of the greatest guys alive. He can be quiet and serious but suddenly turns into this chatty and bubbly person. Someone who understands how to act around different people, he takes other peoples thoughts into mind. He can spend hours thinking of something that means a lot to him. The best boyfriend/husband – he’s sweet, reliable, trustworthy, loving, caring etc.”

I met Nathan at a very difficult time in my life and over the next year we began to build a friendship in which I learned more about him, his family and the kind, caring man that he is. As selfless a friend as he is a husband, our friendship soon turned into a romantic relationship.

Nathan is a born problem-solver, always coming up with new ideas and improvements that can be made at home and in his profession. He enjoys having thought-provoking discussions about any topic you can think of. As he is a forward thinking, reserved and visionary introvert; you will only discover these traits when you are welcomed as a friend. An honour not bestowed upon many. Being an introvert myself, our friendship circle is small but powerful. It consists of lifelong friends, who know us very well and have seen us grow as individuals and as a couple.

Since the start of our relationship, I have always known I can trust and rely on Nathan. He is loyal to a fault and will not allow any harm to come to me, no matter what is at stake. I have never been fully able to trust a partner in a relationship as much as I can trust in him. I know that no matter what happens, he will always support me and my decisions and I will do the same for him. We choose the direction our life takes together, or not at all.

We enjoy adventures, whether big or small. One of our greatest adventures thus far include travelling to England together where we were engaged at my dream destination: the Harry Potter Studio! Another great adventure was of course planning our wedding and getting married. During weekends and holidays; we enjoy smaller road trips, wine tastings and visits to wine farms as well as visiting our local markets and sampling fresh produce from the suppliers.

I feel blessed to have a husband like Nathan. He has saved me in so many different ways that I cannot even begin to say. Nathan has provided us with an amazing life, two beautiful cats and he makes me love him more every day. One thing I look forward to in growing older, is knowing that I will have a wonderful companion with me for the rest of my days.