Hi, I am Michelle Kettles, 35 years old and a Foundation Phase/Elementary teacher. My wonderful husband, Nathan and I live in Cape Town, with our two cats, Avery and Zoe.

I have been teaching Grade 1 and 2 since 2010 in both Afrikaans and English. My hobbies include reading, crocheting, binge-watching my favourite series and baking. Together, Nathan and I enjoy doing wine tastings and visiting local markets for fresh deli meats as well as fresh local produce. We also have fun making home-made pizzas and baking our favourite treats.

The purpose of this blog is to explore my thoughts and feelings in a tangible way. I have always been interested in writing, but have always doubted my ability. This will be my way to discover more about myself and the world around me. I will be discussing many different topics and would like to invite you to contact me on https://www.facebook.com/2.cats.coffee or https://www.instagram.com/2_cats_coffee_blog if you have ideas for topics you would like to read about. I am open to all ideas.