Getting to know me

Running is my happy place. I hate it.

I hate running.

What I dislike most about running is that sweatiness and RedFace is unavoidable. No matter how relaxed my run/walk is, I always look like I have been through the ringer.

With Lupus, I struggle to cope after sun exposure; which is unavoidable on a great, outdoor run.  And depression makes me want to just be a couch potato and not do anything functional. The hardest part of getting out the door is to actually put my shoes on and tie the laces. The other parts are easy, but as soon as those laces are tied, the excuses dry up and I need to get myself out the door.

BUT …..

I love running. It IS my happy place.

Allow me to explain.

There is nothing quite like the fresh bite of an early morning breeze to rid your eyes and mind of yesterday’s cobwebs. Taking the first breath of crisp air when I step outside is an instant pick-me-up to my skin and organs, unlike any other! On the days where I push a little harder or further, the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment in myself is enough to make me forget the steepest hills and the harshest sun!

During a run, I feel that I am part of nature. I can process my day without having to talk or explain it. I can practice mindfulness and how to be at peace with myself and my life. Running provides me with more clarity, productivity and energy, every single time.

As soon as I am out the door, I am happy I went. I listen to my body about whether we run immediately, or start with a bit of a walk first. Listening to my body and what it needs is a newly acquired skill and has helped me to get back into running much more successfully.

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